4 Ways to get 10 Times More Retweets

Everyone on twitter who know a thing about boosting engagement on the platform and increasing visibility has a good ideal already of twitter best practices; talk of posting regularly, keeping tweets short to allow space for retweets, proper use of hashtags to ensure tweets are seen by the target audience, etc.

Twitter rates user’s accounts depending on their engagements which is a culmination of; retweets, link clicks, replies, and favorites. Although every engagement feature is vital, retweets carry a special weight on their own.

They solely increase the overall reach of targeted audience mainly because people only retweet tweets that appeal to them and only tweet to their audience because they know they will be interested. This means more engagement and probable faster conversions to customers.

Check these tested tips here that will help you increase your retweets 10 times and more.

Post more colorful images for more retweets

Images make tweets stand out from the rest. various research carried out by credible sources indicate that a picture would increase like clicks 21%, 78% more favorites, and 145% more retweets.

Here is the kicker though!

Pictures with splendidly saturated colors perform even better garnering up to five folds the retweets or more.


First, make your tweets exciting. They will retweet!

Remember that twitter is a social site. People go there to lighten their mood, have fun and interact with other users. Seriously, you don’t think anyone will be interested in heavy data-loaded tweets promoting businesses and brands.

But if your tweets include a bit of humor, some motivation, and encouragement. Then you’ll be surprised at how well people can respond to such tweets. Don’t worry about making them talk about your brand and what you sell. First, make a good friendly gesture, later on, introduce your brand to them. Your first tactic will keep then glued to you.


Make your tweets worth retweeting

People retweets tweets that they believe will help their followers in one way or another. This means if you want those retweets, you need to be creative enough to come up with tweets that would appeal to your followers.

Retweeting popular individuals and influencers tweets can also make a kill. Jus ensure that the tweets resonate well with your business objectives. Ensure always that the conversations that your tweets raise don’t deviate so much that your brand’s goals aren’t represented.


Be real in your tweets

Let your followers feel like they know you and the brand that you represent personally. If you have at a point interacted with a person with intimidating titles where you’d even get cold feet addressing them personally, then you can have a clearer idea of what followers may be feeling when they are interacting with a brand.

Take a picture of board members having lunch, or HR team members busy in their work. Let those tweet replies have the name of those who replied so that followers can feel that personal connection with the brand. Then design awe-inspiring tweets and sit back and watch as retweets grow gradually into hundreds and if you are really good at it, you hit thousands.

Twitter Retweet for your New Product

Embracing technology is the surest way to stay ahead in the world of today. Things have totally shifted from the manual way of being done to the current digital ways.Technology has become a very big part of who we are and it is actually dictating and determining most of eth paths that we take in the world today. It has affected all parts of our lives including education and business. Businesses today are being conducted on onli9en platforms and this has even given rise to digital marketing. Digital marketingisthe new style in and businesses are increasingly accepting the fact that it is the way to stay a step ahead of the others. Social media platforms have been known to be very effective platforms for digital marketing. They come with a variety of features that help to ensure that the message reaches the audience within the shortest time possible.

One such feature is the twitter retweet. Twitter has been known to beone of the most effective digital marketing platforms available in theworld of today. This is especially taking into account that it is popular for the fact that it is the go to platform when people are looking for information. This is the reason as to why most businesses are opting to be actively engaged on twitter. They are sure that the market will turn to the platform for information and they need to ensure that information on their businesses is available whine the market does turn to it. Features such as the twitter retweet work very well to spread the message.

At this point you might be wondering where the connection between the twitter retweet and your new product is.The twitter retweet is a very effective tool that you can use to both create hype for and market your new product. Normally the retweet feature on twitter creates kind of a ripple effect. It works very simply. You send out a tweet then one of your followers sends it out as their own though it shows that the tweet was originally from you; this is what is called retweeting. The ripple effect comes in here: when you send out the tweet, all your followers get to see it. When a followers retweets it, all their followers get to see it and the cycle continues if another one of their followers retweets it. Before you know it, your tweet will have spread far and wide and be read by millions and millions of people.

Many people retweeting your tweet will have the effect of creating a buzz around that tweet.This will mean that most people will want to know what information that tweet contains and the reason as to why many people are giving it attention. This way you will have drawn the audience to yourself, people will be having information on your new product and you will have already aroused interest in it.Thus opting to use the twitter retweet will work very well for you as far as getting word out there about your new product is concerned, reaching a large number of people within a  short time and reducing the amount of resources used in marketing thus saving on time and costs.